Areas of Practice:

Civil Litigation:

Our group is skilled at handling complex civil and commercial litigation matters, prior to the filing of the suit, through trial and post-trial proceedings. Representing both Plaintiffs and Defendants in litigation, the Firm is capable of handling an array of cases including commercial litigation, real estate, insurance coverage, malpractice, products liability and probate litigation. Our attorneys have represented individuals and private corporations, as either the Plaintiff or Defendant. Drawing on a broad array of experience throughout the firm, we are capable of handling any client’s needs in a wide range of legal matters, and ensure the best position for the client from pre-suit to trial as is necessary.

Real Estate Transactions:

Our firm is capable of representing both individuals and commercial entities in a variety of real estate transactions as well as litigation. Whether it is a real estate purchase, sale, or foreclosure defense, our Firm can handle your needs and exceed your expectations in any real estate matter. Our Firm routinely handles residential and commercial transactions, as well as litigation in matters of eviction and other landlord/tenant disputes.

Probate and Estate Planning:

Our Firm is capable of providing advice and services to both individuals and corporations in a wide array of situations related to taxes and the preparation of Wills, Living Trusts, and other forms of Estate Planning. Our attorneys have experience in the litigation of Probate cases and are ready to assist in matters including Estate Representative advocacy, wealth preservation services and advice to minimize estate taxes, and other asset protection measures. We are capable of giving you the peace of mind that comes with ensuring your financial security and that of your loved ones.

Family Law:

The Firm has experience in all areas of Family Law practice and can handle your case from pre-suit to post-judgment. From divorce, child custody, child support or modification of Marital Settlement Agreements, we can help you with our extensive experience to achieve the results your desire. As a Family-owned and operated Firm, we are sympathetic to the needs of our clients when it comes to the sensitive issues touched upon in Family Law.

Bodily Injury and Workman’s Compensation

Our Firm can handle a variety of liability issues in Workman’s Comp and Bodily Injury cases. Oftentimes, insurance companies refuse to pay what they should when an individual does not have legal representation. Our firm can ensure that you receive what you are entitled to from any accident at work or in your vehicle. From auto accidents to workplace injuries, we will litigate to ensure you receive a good faith estimate of your damages and that your claim is handled fairly and properly. We also litigate in cases where insurance companies are dealing in bad faith, so if you are involved in a dispute with an insurance company presently we can ensure your claim is treated properly and your rights are protected.